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"It gave me my life with my son and communication with my son back"

"My son went from not saying anything to using his first words"

"Once I had a zoom call with them I just fell in love with them cause of their positivity and they understood where I was coming from"

When families keep using our approach, 
the progress that we see is incredible!

"I am sitting here smiling through my tears as I re-watch that first video with the puzzle from last year. I remember feeling so hopeless and scared and crying myself to sleep almost every night. A year ago Dax had poor eye contact, he didn’t speak at all, he didn’t respond to his name, he didn’t have any gestures and he lived in his own world. I was spinning my wheels with flash cards and repeating words over and over to Dax for a year and getting nothing from him in return. Just a blank stare.

Fast forward to present day and I can barely recognize him in that first video because he has changed SO much! All those things he wasn’t doing a year ago he is doing now. Gaining joint attention and then joint engagement was exactly where we needed to start with Dax. It took a lot of work and a lot of time but once we got him out of his own little world and into ours he has not stopped making progress. He has learned that it is fun to interact and communicate with us. He even started saying “love you.” I waited almost 3 years to hear him say those words to me.  I would do it all over again in a heart beat if I had to without any hesitation. Cherie and Alicia changed our lives and changed Dax’s life forever. I will be forever thankful for them and I thank God that I found them." - Rachel

March 2021 when Rachel started coaching with us.

December 2021, 9 months later-Rachel continued using her skills after she graduated from our program.

October 2023, Dax is talking a LOT! Most importantly to share his thoughts, excitement and joy with his mom!

Find out what our families say about how it feels to 
be the one to take charge of their toddler's future!

"Instead of being worried, I now had something to channel my energy into"

"It made me an even better 
advocate for him"

"Having them coach us is really the driving factor in gaining that real purposeful communication with our child"

Watch how Jack learned to SHARE an interaction 
with Kim in her BEFORE and AFTER videos! 
(5 months apart) 
"When he started, he wasn't answering to his name. He would look at my finger, not at what I was pointing at. Really, really no communication whatsoever. He actually came up to me and wanted to play with me the other day which was something that he's never done before. I've seen such a huge difference in my son." - Kim (5 weeks into the program)

"You believed in us when we didn't believe in us..." - Ana & Cole
Listen to Ana & Cole describe the progress they created from working with us.

See the BEFORE and AFTER videos of Taren's son, Rhett!
"We have now gotten words. We have gotten fill-ins. We have gotten multiple, multiple gestures..."

Notice how the quality of the interaction is entirely different as they share the experience of a true back and forth interaction.

 As Taren solidified Rhett's foundational skills through coaching, she helped him learn the joy of a back and forth interaction. This is what opened the door and unlocked his communication. Progress just keeps coming!

Is there a guarantee?

We guarantee that you will learn evidence-based strategies that are proven to help your 
toddler's communication improve. Because every child is unique with their own set of strengths and 
challenges, we do not guarantee the degree to which your child will improve.  

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