Step by Step Academy
Building Communication Through Connection
*This program is for toddlers ages 0-3.5 years*
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6 payments of $550
Dynamically Updated
Program Details
  A dynamic 6 month program that is tailored to the individualized needs of your child and your family routines
  24/7 access to pre-recorded lessons of the entire framework to guide you through the 7 foundational areas that unlock the keys to your child’s communication. 
 - Months 1 & 2: 8  1:1 Coaching Sessions
     - Months 3 & 4: 4 1:1 Coaching Sessions
      -Months 5 & 6: 2 1:1 Coaching Sessions
*1:1 Sessions are within a group coaching model*
  Group Coaching . . .weekly opportunities to gain insight, get new ideas and solidify your knowledge from watching other moms/families get coached.
  Real time access to support, coaching, and encouragement from 2 licensed pediatric speech-language pathologists
  Be a part of a private Facebook community of moms who are as dedicated to traveling this journey as you are
   - access to videos of families working on the foundational skills
   - access to discussion groups with current and graduate families
  Initial private consultation via zoom with Cherie & Alicia, two Speech-Language Pathologists
  An additional 45 minute private consultation via zoom with Cherie & Alicia, two Speech-Language Pathologists regarding the topic of your choice.
Cost: $3,200 
OR 6 monthly payments of $550.00 
 "It’s worth the investment, both money AND time. Cherie and Alicia are in this with you and your child. Cherie and Alicia truly care about my son and our progress. That level of attention is appreciated and makes this difficult road easier. " - Alex
 They see your child, not their disability. They will educate you and always give you the tools you need to support your child. They are in it with you!" - Joni
 "The program is exactly what I was looking for. I always wanted to know how to help my son, but did not know how and when to implement and use all of the information I researched. Alicia and Cherie coached me step by step on how to start and what to do. They belong to the people who helped make John's future better" -Ioana
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